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Apr 17, 2018 8 Best Ways | How to Share Files Between Two Laptops in Feb 17, 2020 How to Transfer Files over WiFi between Windows 10 Transferring files over WI-FI between a PC and Android is quite popular. For that, you have to use other apps to connect with each other. Share it is different software for file sharing. You must know about it if you use a smartphone. Nowadays Shareit has taken the place of Bluetooth. Now all the people transfer the file using Shareit.

Dec 04, 2019

Jul 05, 2012 Baidu WiFi Hotspot - Download Free Software Baidu WiFi Hotspot allows you to create a wireless network directly from your computer with their free app.The connection will have no data sharing limitations, and you will be able to connect any device to your computer to piggy bank off of the computer’s wifi connection.

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Download mHotspot free - Turn your laptop into wifi hotspot