Knowledge Center – where to find the answers to your partner-related questions (e.g. developing with Brightscript, setting up Roku Pay, certification process, etc). Developer Docs – technical documentation on building a channel (e.g. API reference material, Direct Publisher feed specifications, supported streaming formats, etc).

To sign up for fuboTV using the same email address as your account, select Allow. To sign up using a different email address, select Cancel. Enter the email address you want to use as your fuboTV user name(if needed), a secure password, and your current zip code, then select Next. A summary of your subscription will display. Roku - Email Address Format & Contact Phone Number Oct 01, 2002 Roku Headquarters HQ Office Address, Telephone, Fax Number

Display your channel UI, get the customer's email address, and have them sign up or sign back in. Once the customer has successfully authenticated, generate a new access token from your entitlement server and store it in the device registry and Roku cloud.

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