Not connecting, well, that would probably be a gateway type of deal, especially if set in the system settings for an Internet connection. Open a COMMAND PROMPT and enter IPCONFIG /ALL and copy and paste the results here. Also DESCRIBE your present network setup, router, modem, wireless I assume, and where else that it works and where it doesn't.

2018 Fix: Unidentified Network No Internet Access in Unidentified Network No Internet Access is an issue that makes it impossible for Windows computer to access the internet connectivity, thereby creating problems for users by restricting their access to the Internet to use different services and to get different information. Easiest ways to fix Unidentified Network Ethernet in Right-Click on the network icon, then, click on “Open Network & Internet settings”. (Alternatively, you can open Settings App in Windows 10. Then, click on “Network & Internet”.) On Network & Internet Settings Page, Click on “Change Adapter Settings” option. Now, you will able to see all available network connection. Fix Limited Or No Internet Access Issue in Windows 10 Oct 05, 2018 No Network Access but Internet works fine? - General

IPv6 No Network Access: Everything You Need to Know and

Feb 05, 2017 Fix: VM no Internet Access Hyper-V Windows 10 (2018) Aug 27, 2018

Oct 05, 2018

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