Feb 10, 2020 · ProXPN works very well with BitTorrent although every few weeks the connection seems to die (the icon turns yellow and no traffic is passed). Disconnecting and reconnecting fixes that for another few weeks. I’m able to use the same ProXPN account on several devices simultaneously.

May 26, 2020 proXPN VPN - Secure Browsing VPN Application for Windows Support for mobile devices. Using proXPN ‘s PPTP VPN, Premium Account holders can securely connect their mobile devices (including iOS and Android) to the web over both cellular and Wi-Fi networks worldwide. Connect to proXPN worldwide. proXPN (free version) download for PC Dec 01, 2017

Many proXPN reviews state these two as the major benefits of the VPN package, and we tend to agree. Further Benefits of proXPN We set out to bring you a proXPN review that shows you not only what a VPN can do, but why you need one; in the above paragraph we have explained the anonymity benefits and the ability to access restricted content, and

proXPN offers support for Android, iOS, MAC and Windows devices. While many of the highly-ranked VPNs offer firewalls, kill switches or phishing protection, proXPN does not advertise any of these services. The company's focus is strongly upon providing …

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