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Hiding Your Location on Facebook Click on the “Status” button Type in your status update as you normally would You will see that your location will automatically appear if you have `Location Services` activated on your mobile Click, or tap, on the “Check-In” icon below your status (the one in the If you want to permanently hide Facebook places, or turn off location on Facebook and do not wish to share your location in each and every Facebook post, here is a short guide which you may find useful. How to Remove or Disable Facebook Places Completely How to Hide Location on your posts on Facebook Editorial Staff | Facebook On Facebook , you can do many things such as communicating with friends, family, and other people, you can view people you can be friends with, you can share, watch, and view videos and photos , and many more. You can submit a request for Facebook to hide your primary country location because of special circumstances including risks to personal safety. If your primary country location is hidden, people visiting your Page will see Location hidden by Page manager below Page Info . Here's how: Since the location is shown in light gray, it's very easy to miss. Always check the lower left of the status box to see If you're on the Web, simply hover the cursor over the location and click the "X." Your location will no longer be In the Facebook mobile app, tap the location to

How do I edit or remove my location on a Facebook post? shareShare article. You can only edit or remove a location on your own post. To edit your location on a post: Go to the post. Click and select Edit post. Click and enter a new location. Click Save. To remove your location on a post:

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How to Hide Your Facebook Page From Everyone. While your Facebook page can be a powerful marketing tool, at some point, you might need to hide it from the public. Whatever the reason, you do not need to delete the page and start over again. You can hide the page from everyone except page administrators by using the How to Hide on Facebook - Lifewire