How to stop Google from tracking everything you do online

Dec 04, 2018 Don't Track Us! - By DuckDuckGo Google answered over 100,000 requests in 2017 alone! Source: Google Requests for User Information. Keep your personal information away from Google. Switch to DuckDuckGo for search and take back your privacy! The search engine that doesn't track you. Get privacy tips. Google’s Location History is Still Recording Your Every Move Jul 11, 2017 This is how Google is spying on everything you do - YouTube Oct 06, 2018

Is Google is tracking you? Find out here - CNET

Why does Mozilla Firefox use Google as their web search if Why does Mozilla Firefox use Google as their search engine if Google stores everything you search and track what you do online? I've got nothing against Firefox, I'm just wondering why. I just figured they wouldn't have since they don't track what people do. I figured they were against that. What Data of Mine Does Chrome Send to Google? Here's how Google, and Google representatives, describe the data that Chrome does and does not take in, and what Google does with it if it gets passed back to headquarters.

Dec 04, 2018

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