Juniper Networks, Inc.. This process installs the software on a Windows PC that is needed to log into a corporate or academic enterprise Virtual Private Network (VPN) maintained on Juniper Networks, which is used by global leaders in network size and traffic among cable and satellite operators, Internet service providers and global financial services organizations.

Ubuntu (64-bit) Linux Juniper VPN Installation Guide Ubuntu (64-bit) Linux Juniper VPN Installation Guide Main Content. Important Info: Open Firefox and type "" in the address bar to go to the VPN Login page. Unlike the Windows Network Connect Client, it will not disappear as a Taskbar icon, but remain in a window that you can minimize. Connecting to the VPN – A Troubleshooting Guide • Try a different internet browser, only Firefox and Internet Explorer are supported by the VPN. • In the event your antivirus solution is unsatisfactory, you may find success in switching to a different antivirus package as an immediate solution. Many free antivirus solutions are supported by Juniper Networks.

and get the Juniper Network Connect to work properly from Firefox and connect to my organization's VPN. After upgrade to 16.04, the Java applet that is supposed to establish the VPN …

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version 26 will not work with Jumiper Networks VPN Client

VPN - Yesnos • This guide has been tested and is confirmed to work on Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit) using Firefox 3.6+ browser. If you use another distribution of Linux, or another web browser, the setup may vary. • Before installing the Juniper VPN client, you must have Java Runtime Environment installed as well as the Java Plugin for your web browser. Juniper/Pulse Secure VPN on Linux (2015 edition Prelude. Some time ago, Juniper Networks sold their beloved Junos Pulse SSL VPN, and thus new company called Pulse Secure was created. Which resulted in Pulse Secure client, which is used to establish secure authentication to the (VPN) tunnel.