Wifi definition, a brand name certifying that a device or other product is compatible with a set of broadband wireless networking standards. See more.

Although it must have been inspired by "high fidelity" (hi-fi), the name does not mean "wireless fidelity." To learn how Wi-Fi fits into the home and office, see wireless LAN , wireless router and What Does the “Fi” in Wi-Fi Mean? Jun 14, 2016 Understanding Wi-Fi and How It Works May 01, 2020 What Is a Wi-Fi Hotspot? - Lifewire Mar 09, 2020

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wi-fi definition: 1. a system for connecting electronic equipment such as computers and electronic organizers to the…. Learn more. What does WIFI mean? - definitions Definition of WIFI in the Definitions.net dictionary. Meaning of WIFI. What does WIFI mean? Information and translations of WIFI in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web.

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WiFi Dongle - What Is It and How Does It Work? - My Webspot Not very familiar with a WiFi Dongle? Don’t worry; you’ll get familiar soon. In this post, we’ll define a WiFi Dongle and how it works. Read on to know more. What is a WiFi Dongle? A WiFi Dongle is a pocket-size device that connects to your smartphone, tablet or laptop and allows you to … What is Wireless Network? - Definition from Techopedia