Russia's New Internet Law: Security Or Censorship?

A draft law proposed in Russia would introduce severe monetary fines for noncompliance with Russia’s data protection law, including the data localization requirement, and violations of various internet activity laws. Draft Law No. 729516-7, On Amending the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation (Draft Law), was put for Russia is about to disconnect from the internet. Here's On Nov. 1, Russia is poised to disconnect from the internet—in theory. That is when a long-planned internet bill will go into effect and lay the foundation for a national network whereby Russia's “Disconnect from the Internet” Law comes into effect The law, which was officially approved by President Putin in May this year, requires all local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to route internet traffic through the servers managed by the country’s telecommunications watchdog Roskomnadzo. The servers act as kill-switches and disconnect Russia from external connections and re-routes internet Deciphering Russia’s “Sovereign Internet Law” | DGAP

2019-11-4 · The new law compels the country’s ISPs to forward all data arriving and departing from their networks through special gateway servers. Russia’s sovereign internet law comes into force

Russia brings into force a law that aims to protect children from harmful internet content, but critics say it may increase censorship. Russia internet: Law introducing new controls comes into force

Joint Statement on Russia's "Sovereign Internet Bill

Russia: New Law Expands Government Control Online | …