Swiss Banking has long been associated with professional, discreet, secure banking. It is a jurisdiction renown for its neutrality and adherence to the principles of banking confidentiality. Individuals most commonly turn to Swiss banks two reasons. First, many are looking to safeguard substantial assets from public scrutiny.

Swiss Bank Account Secrecy Still Legal in his Famous Region Swiss bank secrecy began with the Banking Act of 1934. This act made disclosing account holder information to third parties a crime. As a result, substantial capital found its way into the coffers banks in Switzerland. The landscape is a bit different today. BANK SECRECY IN SWITZERLAND – RuVe Beratung & Treuhand AG What is bank secrecy in Switzerland? Bank secrecy involves a duty by bank representatives and employees to use discretion. This obligation covers their clients’ financial transactions or those of third parties which they may be privy to, during their employment. Any person connected to the bank is also bound by bank secrecy. SWISS BANKING SECRECY -

Oct 05, 2019

Swiss Bank Account Secrecy Laws: Our Switzerland Tax Swiss Bank Account Secrecy Laws have protected clients’ names and accounts for years, in effect allowing such clients to squirrel their finances away to avoid their own country’s tax laws. In 2009 the UBS case shed light on how one of Switzerland’s premier banks would knowingly assist its Chipping away at Swiss bank secrecy - CNNMoney Jul 05, 2013

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Oct 05, 2018 Secret Banking Secrecy Became Extinct One Year Ago Today Oct 05, 2019 Switzerland Banking Secrecy - Main Features Of Swiss Policy